LS Tractor XG3025H Quick Review (Video)

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This is a quick overview of the LS Tractor Model XG3025H, probably one of our best selling tractors. Tremendous value for the money, a tractor that definitely outworks a lot of similar tractors in it’s class.

Just a quick walk around, you’ll see this thing is big and heavy for a 25 horsepower tractor. This is definitely not a sub compact or a small framed compact, this is the same physical size as the larger XG models in 35 and 40 horsepower, so obviously the drive train is capable of a lot more than just the 25 horsepower that this particular model has.

Nice thing about this tractor though is that it’s got a 25 horsepower Mitsubishi that’s a very proven engine. It’s simple, it’s a mechanical engine, very little electrical controls on this tractor, no emissions equipment to speak of, so a lot of people like it for that, and plus it keeps the cost down.

The controls are laid out pretty simply on this particular tractor. Like I said, this is a Hydrostat model, but this same tractor is also available with a 12 by 12 shuttle transmission. But you can see to the right, twin Hydrostat pedals, forward and reverse. A nice flat open platform that makes getting on and off this thing pretty simple. A lot more leg room than you would think, steering brakes, or like they are now, they’re linked together, single brake. Park brake lever’s right next to it. To the right, you can see the Hydrostat pedals, one for forward, one for reverse, then also the cruise control lever.

This is a 3 range Hydrostat and the range lever is located just to the left of the operator seat, and just inside of that you can see the four wheel drive lever to disengage or engage the front axle. Then the 3 point control is just to the right side of the seat.

This tractor has the LL3110 loader, and you’ll see that it’s got the universal skid steer type quick attach mount, two levers. Any skid steer compatible attachment will go on this tractor. Loader control is right here, very simple single lever control. This tractor is ready to lift quite a bit with some ballast, this is a very capable loader tractor.

With the loader up, the hood opens, the grill guard folds forward, so you got super easy access as far as anything you need to service goes. You can see there’s an oil cooler in front of the radiator, and you’ll see there’s a radiator screen, collect all the chafe, which is a nice touch. Battery’s right there where it’s easy to get to. On the left hand side of the tractor, actually it’ll be the right side if you’re sittin’ on it, you can see there’s the fuel filter, the oil filter is right there, and the engine’s dipstick is right there, super easy to get to.

The XG3025 has a 3 cylinder Mitsubishi diesel engine, and you can see there is no CCRT, no DPF, no particulate filter, and not a lot of the electrical controls. Good, simple, reliable engine.

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